Fruitful Abundance’s seed swap event is held every February, attracting gardeners from across Northamptonshire. Whether they had a window box, an allotment plot, a market garden or smallholding it was all about getting ready from the growing season.

Attendees bring along their packets of leftover or excess flower, vegetable, fruit and herb seeds (though nothing GM, cross-pollinated), or seeds they’ve saved from their own home-grown produce, to add to the seed table for others to take, grow and enjoy.

In return, they choose from the huge variety of seeds on the table, which usually includes rare and interesting varieties that are hard to find elsewhere. The event is intended to encourage diversity in local produce, make rare and interesting seeds available to the growing community, and to help safeguard these varieties for future generations to enjoy.

We also encourage people to try growing a little (or a lot!) of their own food, sharing skills and building resilience into the food system.

Seedy Saturday also features Fruitful Abundance’s pop-up café serving tasty meals, snacks and drinks made from food that would otherwise be wasted; stalls selling locally-produced goods from hand-made soaps to plants and garden tools.